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During your trips you can keep your car safe in our car park situated near Liszt Ferenc Airport. Moreover you can save the cost of TAXI as ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS are offered free transfer in comfortable air conditioned cars to and from Liszt Ferenc Airport Terminal 2.

Our Services:
0-24h 10 min shuttle time big parking lot garage up to 10 cars luggage wrapping guarded surveilled air conditioned cars

We are waiting for you in our guarded and INDOOR CCTV surveilled car park.

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Parking is possible directly on Liszt Ferenc Airport (former: Ferihegy) as well, however prices are much higher than ours.
At KingparKing you are offered a free shuttle to the airport, so during your business trip or holiday you can keep your car safe for a more reasonable price including two services at a time. Learn more about our prices, call our collegue now or book a place for your car in time!


How to Park

Park your car

Once arrived to our car park, after a short administration our collegue (or the customer upon reuqest) will park the car to a suitable place. At the same time your luggage will be moved to our shuttle vehicle.


After loading the baggage our collegue will take you and your passengers to Liszt Ferenc Airport or to the desired destination with a minibus. Naturally our collegue will help you loading and unloading your baggage both in the car park and at the airport.


Once your aircarft landed and you picked up your luggage, there are two ways to go:

If you gave your return flight number at administration, our collegue will wait for you at the airport.

In case you still don’t know your return flight number at administration please call the indicated phone number so that our collegue can pick you up at the airport.


When arriving to the car park, administration, parking and baggage reloading takes about 15-20 minutes. Liszt Ferenc Airport is located 2 km far from the car park which means a 10-20 minute transfer depending on traffic. At return, we can arrive to the indicated terminal 15-20 minutes after your call.



Each started day is subject to fees, however our company won’t rate the day for customers returning after midnight till 3.00 a.m and for customers arriving after 10 p.m. till midnight.

Duration of parking Outdoor Price: Indoors Price:
1-3 nap 5 500 HUF 6 800 HUF
4 nap 5 500 HUF 8 000 HUF
5 nap 6 000 HUF 9 000 HUF
6 nap 6 500 HUF 10 000 HUF
7 nap 7 000 HUF 12 300 HUF
8 nap 7 500 HUF 12 900 HUF
9 nap 8 000 HUF 13 500 HUF
10 nap 9 500 HUF 15 000 HUF
11 nap 9 500 HUF 16 500 HUF
12 nap 9 500 HUF 18 000 HUF
13-14 nap 10 500 HUF 20 000 HUF
15-16 nap 11 500 HUF 22 800 HUF
17-18 nap 13 000 HUF 24 000 HUF
19-20 nap 14 500 HUF 26 000 HUF
21 nap 15 500 HUF 28 000 HUF
22 nap 16 000 HUF 29 000 HUF
23-24 nap 16 500 HUF 30 000 HUF
25-26 nap 17 500 HUF 32 000 HUF
27-28 nap 18 500 HUF 34 000 HUF
29-30 nap 19 500 HUF 36 000 HUF

If you would like to park your car longer than 30 days please ask for our special offer!

These prices are valid from 1.11.2019 !


Online Booking:

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19 Lőrinci Street, Vecsés 2220

Info and booking:
+36 30 448 93 66

Opening hours:
  • every day
  • 0-24h
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